Item 9 – Barbie Luv Barely

We are back!

2011 Recap
Birthday People
Most Annoying Song Ever
Cookie Thief
Basketball Fail

Item 8 – Barbie Luv Barely

Well the schedule has hit us hard. Christmas has hit us hard! But in the aftermath we got a show out!
Enjoy the show.
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Item 7 – Barbie Luv Barely

As promised, Barbie Luv arely is back in Barely Podcasting. We are all over the boards with topics, but we do have it all!
Enjoy the show, and talk to ya tomorrow.
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Item 6 – Barbie Luv Barely

We are on our 6th episode now. Happy Halloween everyone!
What we talk about this episode:
Sitting Rant
Dick on the Block
Sports parent meets non-sports parents
Ring love
What to call us
Feedback and BarbieLuv’s new friends

Item 5 – Barbie Luv Barely

We visited the Redboy Podcast Compound and here is what happened.
Visit our friends Matt and Amy from the Redboy Podcast at
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Item 4 – Barbie Luv Barely

It is time for another episode of Barbie Luv Barely. This episode we are finally we are hitting our groove.
Farmville – an addiction
Shirts that got attention
It’s ON!!
Interesting people
Lost paperwork
Manicure or not
What makes men hot?
Yoda or not to Yoda?

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Item 3 – Barbie Luv Barely

Welcome to Barbie Luv Barely, episode 3. We are hitting our regular format now that the beginning has been happened.
We are on our own feed!!!
Spin offs
The answer and the aftermath of cliffhangering
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Item 2 – Barbie Luv Barely

Welcome to Barbie Luv Barely episode 2! This is our last show on the Barely Podcasting feed. It is our jump off episode, so to speak. Please subscribe to Barbie Luv Barely at the web site.

This episode we discuss about a recent camping trip, and we finish off with a little bit of a cliff hanger.

Will it be yes, or no?

Item 1. Barbie Luv Barely

I know this is the second episode this week. It is the first official episode of BarbieLuvBarely. I have figured out how the two shows will be different from eachother. So I hope you enjoy the second episode and first official episode of BarbieLuvBarely. 

Item 0 – Barbie Luv Barely – The First Attempt

Welcome to another episode of Barely Podcasting. This is the first of about four episodes that will be a cross over to another show I have been teasing about. Yes, I am finally doing a couplecast with my girlfriend BarbieLuv. That show is BarbieLuvBarely. It can be found at Does this mean the end of Barely Podcasting? HELL NO!!! I love both shows. Now sit back and check out the beginning of a new show that I am starting. Sit back and enjoy the new adventure I am embarking on.

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